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Freeform Icelandic Saddle
Freeform Icelandic
Our Price: $2,285.00

Introducing the NEW Icelandic Saddle from Freeform. This new saddle is available in a Short back 20″ base or an Extra Short Back 18″ base. Designed for Icelandics, Haflingers, Pasos and short back Arabs. This saddle has a straight flap for freedom of shoulder movement, fitting the wider horse or using panels for the slab sided Arab. Seat size up to 17.5″ for the 20″ base and 16.5″ for the 18″ base. Nice knee roll. This saddle is at home as a dressage, trail, endurance or all purpose saddle. I have clients riding endurance to dressage with it. Velcro comes standard for panel system. A wonderful new saddle.
Freeform FreeWest treeless saddle
Freeform FreeWest Treeless Saddle
Our Price: $2,446.00

The Freeform FreeWest is for the rider looking for a trail or endurance saddle with some of the characteristics of an English saddle. The FreeWest offers Superb comfort for both horse and rider whether going over cavaletti in the ring or logs on the trail.  This saddle offers ultimate comfort for both horse and rider.
Freeform Enduro X Treeless Saddle
Freeform Enduro X Treeless Saddle
Our Price: $2,608.00

The EnduroX saddle handles the modern demands of a performance-driven saddle.  The EnduroX with swinging fenders offers the same advantages as the Freeform FreeWest with the added security and comfort of poleys, a wider seat, and a higher cantle.  You don't need to compromise on comfort in tough terrain.
Freeform FreeGait trail Treeless Saddle
Freeform FreeGait Trail Treeless Saddle
Our Price: $2,665.00

While all Freeform saddles work well for the gaited horses, the FreeGait was designed for the gaited horse rider.  The FreeGait, with its comfy kneerolls and seat, allows the rider to adjust his or her balance to the horse, thus enabling optimum gait performance.
Freeform Western Barrel SN Treeless Saddle
Freeform Western Barrel short back, (SN) Treeless Saddle
Our Price: $2,793.00

Comfort and Quality for both horse and rider. The perfect saddle for that long trail ride and yet is equally at home in the show ring. Fitting multiple horses is no problem.
Freeform Western Barrel LW Treeless Saddle
Freeform Western Barrel Treeless Saddle
Our Price: $2,793.00

Quality and comfort for both you and your horse(s). The perfect saddle for that long trail ride and yet is equally at home in the show ring. Fitting multiple horses is no problem
Freeform Western Virginian Barrel Treeless Saddle
Virginian Western Barrel Treeless Saddle
Our Price: $3,209.00

Beautiful new Virginian Western Barrel saddle
Freeform Classic Scout two toned leather with tooling
Classic Scout
List Price: $3,241.00
Our Price: $3,241.00

The Classic Scout combines the beauty and comfort of the time tested Classic model that riders have been enjoying for many years. The new seat design offers a higher pommel with a narrower twist, along with a deep seat that will provide long distance riders comfort and security. Also you will notice the addition of the new soft knees rolls that will provide additional assurance along with a snug fit. All saddles will come two toned brown and black leather with the fancy decorative tooling.

A true beauty! The Scout was designed in late 2015 by Paulita, Susie and the gals at Freeform. We were in need of making a new saddle similar to our Ultimate trail and Classic Trail saddles but with a fork/pommel and a NARROW TWIST. We had a few ladies that felt they wanted an extra secure saddle. Well babe you got it! This saddle has all the new bells and whistles that the other Freeform’s have and more. The cantle of this saddle’s seat is the same as the trail seat I designed. A Lovely deep secure seat. We have narrowed the seat, added a nice bolster option, and also added jockeys to really give the rider a great seat! You may or may not want the bolster so it is removable. Your legs will drape nicely under you for the correct balance and seat. We added a small wooden fork for the extra security and a nice place to rest you hands… or hang your “stuff”. The wooden fork can be removed and replaced with foam if needed.

******I've now been riding in this saddle for a season.... WOW, I love it, the security is awesome, I'm jumping things in the woods I wouldn't normally do. yes I'm a chicken in my older age. LOVE the new twist!!!

Wave Leathers are sold with this saddle.

comes with tooling on the jockey. not in the current photo sorry. working on it.

the short back saddle seat is equal to a western 15" and a 17" in an english
the standard saddle seat is equal to a western 17" and a 19" in an english.

Fitting your horse is a breeze with the new full girthing option. This saddle will accommodate the panel system for the hard to fit horse, or the heavier rider. If using the panels I would recommend an Equipedic pad with 3/4 foam or a HAF pad for riders under 165 lbs. If not using panels I would highly recommend using a Skito pad. We have redone the foam this year in the Skitos for the Freeform. A nice improvement!