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Classic Seat Freeform Classic Seat

All Freeform seats are interchangeable with any Freeform Base.  Maybe you have another rider that needs a different size seat?  Freeform seats are hand-built and designed for rider comfort with impact and pressure absorption properties of traditional gels but are 80 - 90% lighter.

Our Price: $433.00
Freeform Elite Seat Freeform Elite Seat

Elegant and refined in appearance the Freeform Elite is designed for comfort and performance.

Our Price: $433.00
Freeform Elite Dressage Seat Freeform Elite Dressage Seat

Freeform Elite Dressage seat comes in black Italian leather, with a simple elegant design in the stitching. It can be used on any model of Freeform saddle. This special seat has an inset that gives the feel of a narrow twist. It has a thinner waist than other Freeform seats.

Our Price: $498.00
Tempo Seat Tempo Seat

Freeform's lovely newest addition to our dressage line. The Tempo seat has a nice high cantle for comfort and support, along with a very nice balanced twist to obtain your proper position. This seat is perfect for folks just about all riding disciplines.

List Price: $584.00
Our Price: $584.00
FreeForm ClassicX Seat FreeForm ClassicX Seat

Upgrade your Freeform Classic with this seat. It has poleys! Gives the rider more security by adding poleys to the pommel portion of the seat.

Our Price: $610.00
FreeWest Seat Freeform FreeWest Seat

The FreeWest offers superb comfort for the rider whether going over cavaletti in the ring or logs on the trail.

Our Price: $631.00
FreeForm FreeGait Seat FreeForm FreeGait Seat

The FreeGait seat is a very comfy seat for the rider.  Allow the rider to adjust his or her balance to the horse, thus enabling optimum gait performance.

Our Price: $655.00
Freeform Ultimate Trail seat Freeform Ultimate Trail seat

A GREAT new seat for trail and endurance!! Woohoo! After many years of riding I wanted to design a comfy saddle for my older body. I worked for a few years on prototypes of different seat styles. Finally I’ve come up with what I think is the perfect seat - a wonderful gel seat that fits a woman’s pelvic bones. It’s wide in the seat, narrow in the twist and high in the cantle with soft gel poleys. This seat will keep you in the saddle for many hours of riding. I’m in love with the comfort and security of it.

Our Price: $690.00
Freeform Enduro X Seat Freeform Enduro X Seat

The EnduroX has an enhanced pommel, a higher cantle, a padded seat and a stitched design. The EnduroX seat fits all the Freeform bases.

Our Price: $793.00