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Treeless Saddle Pads

Choice of pads is more important with treeless saddles than conventional saddles - to provide stability, cooling, and full protection of the horse’s spine and loin area. Whether you ride endurance, english, dressage, long distance, trail or western, you'll find a full line of the best treeless pads in the industry - from Freeform, Skito, Equipedic & HAF. Pads can be purchased with many options to best suit your riding discipline and address different concerns, such as high withered or short back horses. Some pads can be purchased with Velcro openings. These allow the option to replace standard foam if more support or weight distribution is necessary, or perhaps add inserts, such as shims for problem areas. Other pads are constructed with materials that allow body heat to escape and to wick moisture from the horse. Please contact us at 540-830-2713 with any questions - we're here to help!
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